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Side Seat Organizer

Side Seat Organizer

Organize your life with our GORLA GEAR hanging car seat accessory holder. Keep all of your daily essentials within arm’s reach, freeing up space from your center console, glove box, or purse. Our UNIVERSAL front seat side organizer features redesigned mounting straps that are longer and stronger than similar models. This upgrade allows faster, EASIER installation and more compatibility with more vehicles. Only the best materials & components have been used to create a product that is built to last! Here are some storage ideas for our multifunctional car seat organizer: Phone, Phone Chargers, USB Adapters, Auxiliary Input Cable Cords, Sunglasses, Hand Sanitizer, Masks, Water Bottle or Canned Beverage, Snacks, Coin Change, Pens & Notepad, Tissue, Lint Roller, Gum & Breath Mints, Condiments, Disposable Utensils, Cologne & Perfume, Deodorant, Car Air Freshener, Vomit Barf Bags, Latex Gloves, Flashlight, Garage Door Opener, Parking Lot Fobs & Passes, Reading Glasses, Map, First Aid Kit, Rideshare Insurance Policy & many more! ORGANIZE and store your belongings in style, especially on those long commutes or road trips. With their premium construction and designer style, the Gorla Gear Side Seat Organizer look great in any automobile, whether it’s a truck, SUV, convertible, vintage car, minivan, luxury ride or sports car. It has an ELEGANT LOOK without the tackiness of other side seat organizer on the market today. Cruise in confidence with our pet-friendly and kid-friendly storage pockets. Click “ADD TO CART” to buy now!
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